I Am Now Officially Stalking Boyz II Men

As you may have read in my previous post “Jennz Boyz” Kris, Cari and I went to the Boyz II Men concert when they came to the Scera Shell in August.  Later, we found out that our sister-in-law, Krissy, really wanted to go.  I felt sooooooo bad.  When we heard that the Boyz would be in Wendover, we ALL decided to go this time.  So we left all the kids home with our amazing husbands (who did incredibly well without us. Which means, of course, that we will be leaving them much more often!) and took off for “The Poor Man’s Mesquite”. (I must mention that we were missing Angie, who had come from Colorado the weekend before and couldn’t come back for the party.  But we truly missed you, Ang!!!)

Looooove these girls!  We had so much fun.  The show was pretty much exactly the same as the Scera Shell, but not as intimate.  There were security guards blocking the aisles to the front of the stage so there weren’t people all mashed up in the front dancing and going nuts.  The rest of us were fine just having fun together in the back, but not Kris.  After being caught twice, she still was not going to give up.  She worked out a scheme, climbed over some chairs, had a temporary boyfriend and suddenly we noticed Kris’ blond head right up in front.  She’s awesome and such a blast!!! (By this time, a bunch of girls from the front section were trying to grab the roses the Boyz were handing out so Kris blended in.)  Cari, Jess and I tried to join her.  Cari and I got through just fine, we were smooth and confident.  But when the security guard stopped Jess, who was holding onto me, and asked if she had seats in the front, she froze, looked at him, then ran away!  LOL!  So they came and kicked Cari and me out.

At this concert, they were selling V.I.P. passes to go backstage for $30.  We met the Boyz in Orem for free so we were not about to pay $180, AND we were sure we’d find our old pal Anthony who took us backstage last time.  So after the concert, we were just messing around, trying to find Anthony, a few of us were practicing our sexy poses just in case we did get to go backstage.  By this time, the security guard who caught us trying to get to the front was keeping his eye on us.

Kris found a security guard named Todd who was with the Boyz, not with the venue. We found out that Anthony was not there, but that still did not deter Kris.  Todd hung out with us for a while, laughed a little bit at Kris’ crazy antics and once again, she won him over and he hooked us up!!!  We all got to go backstage.  It was awesome when the jerk security guard tried to stop us and Todd said “Hey man, they’re cool. Let them in.” Uuuuh!  Take that, jerk! Sa-weeeet!  So we got hugs from those cuties AGAIN and took some pictures.  Then, as we were leaving, Todd came up and gave us all V.I.P. passes with the guys’ autographs on them!  SOOOOOO NICE!!!

We went down to the casino and did some silly gambling, nothing serious.  With Krissy’s coaching, Cari and Jess had the best luck of the bunch. UNTIL….as we were leaving, I realized I had $2 in my pocket.  I threw it into a quarter slot, I don’t remember how much I bet, but I pulled the lever once and CHA-CHING!  JACKPOT!  I cashed out and we took ONE LAST PICTURE of my big win.  Just then, a security guard yelled at us for taking pictures.  We turned around and I am not kidding, there were five other security guards standing there making sure we left the casino.  SHEESH!  GO EASY!!! So in Ocean’s 17, Danny Ocean is going to recruit 6 girls from Utah to take pictures in the casino to distract ALL of the security guards while they pull off the biggest heist ever.  Crazy that in the lawlessness of Wendover, we couldn’t keep any of the rules and got in all the trouble!