Two Left Feet

When we were at Lake Tahoe, I (like Jeff and his infamous moon boots) borrowed some boots from the garage.  I found a black pair that didn’t look too horrendous, tried them on and they fit.  HOWEVER, as I looked down at my feet, I thought to myself,”What the…?  Are these on the wrong feet?”  So I took them off and switched them around.  They STILL looked like they were on the wrong feet.  I took them off again, looked all over for some indication of which boot went on which foot and didn’t find any help from the boots.  So I put them back on and went to ask Josh what he thought.  We went through the same switching of boots and nothing looked right so I just thought, “Whatever.  I’ll just walk a little bit pigeon-toed to make them look less wrong.” As we were heading out of the room, I ran into Amanda in the hallway.  She looked at what I was wearing and said,”Are your boots on the wrong feet?”  We both just started laughing so hard.

I know it’s a common childhood conundrum, but I thought I had the whole shoe thing under control.  That little incident made me realize how perplexing the puzzle probably is to toddlers.

Emmy LOVES shoes and will put on any that happen to be laying around without feet already in them.  She has a 50/50 chance of getting them on the right feet.  She gets it wrong 100% of the time.