Good Friday Was Great/”I don’t know how to bite this guy”

Like all good Catholics we only eat fish on Good Friday.  When I was a kid I hated fish, I even hated fishing.  The way it worked at my house was we would get up early and then take forever to get out of the house.  By the time we got to the water it was burning hot and the fish were full.  We rarely caught anything but when we did we would gut it, take it home and immediately put it in the freezer.  There it would stay until we were poor enough to chizzle the ice off and choke it down.  The only time we had fish other than that were Tyson fish sticks – I am not sure what those are really made of but I think it’s old chicken.

I didn’t learn to LOVE fish until I went on my mission.  In Seattle there was fresh fish everywhere and it was amazing.

I knew that if I was going to be a good father I would have to teach my son how to bring home the bacon…err fish.  On Friday, while the girls went Easter shopping, Ashton and I got all ready, got in the car, and drove to Albertson’s.  I had my list ready: Jenn wanted Salmon, I was in the mood for a Halibut, Ashton was going to have corn dogs.  When we got to the fish counter there were fresh rainbow trout right at eye level.  Ashton wanted one soooo bad.  So being the constant pushover I got it for him just because I thought it would be fun.

The second he got his fish all he wanted was to go home.  He was so excited that while I was checking out he took his fish and headed for the car.  Luckily somebody from the ward was out there and stopped him at the curb until I could catch up.

You have never seen a kid so excited about something as he was about the fish.  He was very careful when he put it in the car and then when we got home he ran right inside and unwrapped it.

There is a much longer video that I like and Jenn insists is only interesting to us.  We are fighting about it right now and if there is more than one video in the post it will be because I am sneaky.

(Side note – Ashton was so excited about his fish that he didn’t even run straight to his room to put on pajamas.   If Ashton is home, he HAS to have pajamas on.  As you see below, he changed as his fish was being prepared.)


To my surprise he ate a lot of it (after we got it cooked)