My Cute, Cute Ashton

Here are some things Ashton has said recently:

Ashton wanted Emmy to get something out of the fridge and I told him she was too little to do it by herself.  With so much concern in his voice, he said “Ooh Emmy, I’m so worried about you.”

As I was leaving to go out with Josh, Ashton gave me a hug and said,”See ya, Little Mom.”

We walked to the park the other day.  Ashton ran ahead and got there way before Emmy and I did.  By the time we got to the park, he was running home trying to find us.  I finally found him back at home and as we walked BACK to the park he told me his story of being lost.  He said, “I was yelling ‘Mom, Mom!  Where are you, Cute Mommy’?”

You may have already seen this on Josh’s facebook status but the other day Ashton walked in on him and said, “Dad, you’re almost too big for that toilet.”

We picked up our friend Jeff to go somewhere.  As Jeff got in the car, Ashton happily exclaimed, “Hey there, Jeffer!”

Here he is protecting his sister from tickles.


Before winter started all over again, we had some flowers popping up in the front yard.  This is what you get when you have sweet little boys around (my sister Jessi – who has four boys- often finds cute little surprises like this, also).  Maybe little girls do this, too.  We’ll see.


Ashton loves helping Emmy.  He’s helping her take off her snow clothes right here.


Lately Ashton’s favorite thing is PlayDoh.  Today I tried something new.  I rolled out little pieces and asked if he could spell his name.  I gave him the correctly-sized pieces to work with and I asked what the first letter in his name was.  He made an “A”, then I asked what the next letter was, etc. etc.  He totally spelled his name!!!


I did help him figure out the very last piece on the “N”, but he did the rest!!!  I was pretty impressed.