My Sweet Emmy

Here is my sweet little Emmy.  She also goes by: Em, Emmy Lu, Little Lu Lu (Ashton calls her that and it just melts my heart), Lu Lu Bob, Lu Face, Baby Doll, Dollie and Naughty.

We haven’t developed pictures since we got our first digital camera in 2004.  But I just had to have this one developed so I could look at it all the time.  Look at that sweet little face!img_5655

As I lean on the counter and read email on my laptop, this is what I see next to me.  Emmy gets a chair, pushes it across the kitchen, climbs up and studies the computer screen, just like Mommy.


Emmy loves her baby.  She holds her and bounces her while saying “Shh, shh, shhhhh.”  She’ll feed the baby a bottle and give the baby a “weeee!” (a ride in Emmy’s language)


Emmy is usually a good girl, but she can still be quite a little snot sometimes.  She loves to throw things and she has quite an arm. (Maybe she’ll be The Quarterback Princess her mom always dreamed of being)  Yesterday she got in trouble for grabbing Ashton’s hot chocolate and THROWING it.   Here she is in time out.  She was sooo naughty and was crying and crying in the corner but still so cute.


By the way, I have to do her hair THREE times a day and it usually ends up looking like this before bedtime.