Salt Lake City Marathon

I graduated from BYU with a Sociology degree.  I loved it!  Every Sociology class I had was just completely interesting and fun.  A couple years later I thought,”Hmmm, maybe I’ll just go take some accounting classes…JUST FOR FUN.”  So I went to UVSC for Accounting for a couple of semesters…it was NOT fun.

So Josh, Kris and I ran the Long Beach Marathon six months ago.  I loved it!  I had so much fun and I wasn’t even sore after.  Then when I found out there was a Salt Lake City Marathon, I thought,”Hey, I will do it JUST FOR FUN (and hopefully do it faster than Long Beach).”  Well, this time, it was NOT fun.

I need help redefining what FUN is…More school and more marathons????  What was I thinking?

Anyhoo, I did run SLC Marathon a couple days ago.  I didn’t prepare for it as well as I should have, but I wasn’t too worried, it was JUST FOR FUN, right?  I was having lots of fun for the first 13 miles.  I was kicking bum, if I do say so myself, 8 minute miles the whole way!  Then I decided I HAD to take a quick break to put a band-aid on my foot and take care of business so I wouldn’t finish the race looking like THIS:


Well, that little break KILLED me, it was all over after that.  My legs were just completely cramped up!!!  By mile 18 I was questioning if I could finish at all.  I was looking for spectators who might be kind enough to help me cheat.  At 19 1/2 miles, I came upon the sweetest sight ever…..

img_6493 img_6495


Cari made these amazingly cute posters.  I cannot even express how happy I was to see these guys!!!  I got hugs from everyone….


Begged Josh to take me home…….


He refused, gave me a pep talk, then my little fam ran with me for a while….


I wish I could say that this little reunion gave me enough energy to sprint 7 more miles to the finish….Noooope.  But I made it, eventually.  Josh, Cari, Ashton and Emmy were waiting at the Gateway.  When I ran by, Ashton came out and ran the last 50 yards with me.  He was so cute!!!!  Everyone was cheering for him and yelling “You’re gonna beat your mom!”  Yeah, no kidding.  It was hard to keep up with him.


So I finished the marathon, I DIDN’T have poop all over me, AND I finished a tiny bit faster than my first marathon(4 hr 30 min instead of 4 hr 45 min), so I guess I have to say it was a success. In the picture below, if it looks like I was crying and then trying to smile…it’s because I WAS crying and trying to smile.  Josh and Cari took such good care of me and spoiled me.  I was just a little bit exhausted and WAY overwhelmed by their thoughtfulness and support.