Welcome Spring!!!

My birthday is March 20th, the first day of Spring, so naturally it is my favorite season. : )  Winter is putting up quite a fight this year, though. For two weeks it has been rainy and very snowy, except for ONE day right in the middle of it all.  Last Saturday was GORGEOUS and what a coincidence that it was the Holi Festival at the Hindu Temple in Spanish Fork!  The Holi Festival is meant to welcome Spring.  So we decided to enjoy the incredible weather and join thousands welcoming Spring at the Hindu Temple.

As we were walking up to the temple, we heard over the speakers “Not yet!  Don’t throw your paint yet!….Okay, three…two…one…..GO!”  And then we saw a huge cloud of pink dust rise.  We totally missed the throwing of the brightly colored paint pigment!  Oh well, the party definitely continued and we had so much fun.  Well, everyone except Emmy.  She was not loving it as we pushed our way through the crowd of crazy, painted, dancing people.  Ashton wasn’t completely thrilled about “getting dirty” but by the time we left, he was laying in the dirt making “snow angels”.  It was really so much fun.  They had lots of llamas, parrots, and other animals that the Ashton and Emmy loved.

Here is a video of us making our way through the crowd.  You will hear me mention that I felt persecuted and I truly did.  I was wearing a gleaming white shirt (which was meant to be covered in colors) and I stuck out like a sore thumb amidst the crowd.  So many people said things like “Look at her!  Hug her! Get her!  Throw some paint at her! You’re lucky you’re holding a baby!”

As we made our way out, Ashton was really feeling the Hare Krishna music.  He was LOVING it and wanted to go down to the mosh pit where people were being thrown around and crowd surfing.  So we went as close as a 3 1/2 year old can safely go and let Ashton and Emmy dance and dance.  It was pretty cute and the music really was cool.

I hope for the rest of the day you have this running through your head “Hare Hare Hare Kriiishna.  Krishna Krishna Hare Haaare.  Hare Harra, Hare Harra!  Krishna Krishna Hare Hare!”