“I want to be a Dentooost” – Hermie the Elf

Ashton went to the dentist for the first time a few weeks ago.  (I don’t know, am I a bad mom for waiting until he was 3 1/2????)  I didn’t want him to be scared so I practiced with him at home, having him lay on the bed while he opened his mouth all big as I looked all around in there.  When it was time for the real thing, he was PERFECT at it!  He was completely calm and had his mouth open for inspection the WHOLE time (except for this picture below).  It was very cute.  (Those are not Ashton’s heart sunglasses.  They let him wear them so he could watch TV while the bright light was pointed at his mouth.)


He did such a great job and didn’t have any cavities!!!!


So what do you get if you’re good at the dentist and don’t have any cavities???  A treat, of course!  Sugar sugar SUGAR! Emmy reaped the benefits of Ashton’s excellent dental hygiene.


If any of you are trying to find a good dentist, if you can’t drive to Crested Butte, CO for the services of Dr. Shawn Harvey, then you should definitely go to Aspen Family Dental in Payson.  The office is very nice with a play room for the kids, massage chairs, flat screens, SPACE-AGED technology and most importantly, friendly, knowledgeable, happy staff.