Let’s Go tooo the Moooviieees, Let’s Go Seeee the Staaaars!

Josh was horribly sick most of last week, probably with the Pig Virus, who knows. Since he was in bed day and night, he had lots of work to do yesterday, trying to catch up. So what could I do on a rainy Saturday with two little kids who were tired of being in the house WITH ME…and vice versa….????? There were lots of things I thought of but I didn’t want to do them without Josh. My first idea was to take Ashton and Emmy to a movie. I quickly dismissed it because 1) I would be all by myself with two tiny kids at the theater and 2) neither of my kids have ever been to the movies….EVER. (We used to take Ashton when he was a newborn and could sleep through the whole experience). Finally, with the drizzly, depressing morning wearing down on me, I figured “What the heck! If they only sit for ten minutes and then have to leave, at least we’ll be out of this house doing SOMETHING!” So off we went.

We pulled up to the theater and not even kidding, there were two other cars in the parking lot! I was trying to figure the odds of those movie-goers attending “Monsters vs. Aliens” and since they weren’t mini-vans, I was feeling pretty excited about the whole outing.

Got the popcorn…..


And the booster seats to keep the chairs from folding like huge fish gulping up my kids…


We waited a few minutes for the movie to start and CHA-CHING!  We had the whole theater to ourselves!  PERFECT!!!  Now I could relax and not worry about my kids ruining the movie for everyone.  I must say that I seriously underestimated my little sweeties.  They sat and loved that movie for almost an hour, just eating popcorn and laughing.


They did get a little restless and sat in the aisle for a minute…


I took them out to play in the lobby for a while, thinking that we were done.  Surprisingly, after a fifteen minute break, they wanted to go back and watch the movie, where they sat quietly for the last fifteen minutes.  I was so proud of them!  What a fun morning!