Saturday Night Fever

My sweet sister, Kris, offered to babysit so Josh and I could go out Saturday night. Buuuut Josh was still catching up on his work and feeling FEVERISH so we stayed at home.  Kris came over and hung out still which is always fun.  So we sat downstairs, Josh working with his laptop, Kris composing music with hers and I edited pictures with mine.  Sounds pretty boring, right?  Well things are NEVER boring when you have Josh AND Kris in the same room.   “Dirty Dancing” was on TV and since Kris and I had never seen the whole thing (if you can believe that, only snippets here and there), we decided to give it a whirl.  And since none of us were really paying attention, I don’t know if that time counted as SEEING the WHOLE thing.  ANYHOO, the part we did watch was the closing dance.  Kris and I were laughing at how weird it was.  We HAD to try it!