June 2009

My Little Gospel Scholar

When I was given a little slip of paper notifying me of Ashton’s upcoming speaking assignments in Primary, I thought it had to be a joke! He’s just a baby! He just learned how to talk! He was supposed to give the scripture one week and then a couple weeks later a full-on TALK! I was kind of excited, thinking I would have him memorize a scripture and blow everyone away. Well, he IS 3 1/2 and wasn’t interested in it at all so I ended up whispering to him on the spot. He did such a great job, though. I was sooooo proud of him!

He wore his suit to give his talk and he insisted on getting dressed all by himself, of course….


Since I helped Ashton with the scripture, I made Josh help him with the talk. They both did such a good job : ) . What an exciting milestone! I can’t believe how big my baby boy is!!!


Ashton and Josh went fishing the other day at a pond in…Salem..Payson…I don’t even know where they went, but it looks like a pretty place. They had lots of fun with Ashton’s cousins, Jayda and Druw (they are so cute and they all play together so well). Ashton learned to cast pretty well and he even caught a little fish.

We aren’t really outdoors people, we love it but we never go camping voluntarily and we will never own a dog. So before Ashton could go fishing we had to first get some supplies.  That meant Ashton had to face one of his greatest childhood demons…The Cal Ranch Store.  We went in there once when he was tiny to see the worlds biggest horse and it was a real sensory overload. He was mostly upset by the dead animals, particularly the dead reindeer that was hanging on the wall.  The whole way into the store he was affirming himself “I’m not scared anymore because now I am big”

Mommie Dearest


Look, she fell down the stairs, okay! Oh, alright…I DID IT! That’s right, Emmy’s very own mom broke her arm! It’s true and I FEEL TERRIBLE!!! Perhaps blogging about it and confessing to everyone will help ease the horrendous guilt I am feeling…

Since our last trip to the movies went so well, Josh and I decided to take the kids to see “UP”. They both sat and watched for an hour which was fabulous, but then they got a little restless.  I took them out to walk in the lobby for a minute but soon Ashton decided he wanted to go back in and took off.  Emmy decided she did NOT want to go back in and was about to take off the other way.  I grabbed her hand and started to lead her back to the theater, she freaked out, planning on throwing a tantrum (a scene played out in our house several times a day). Well, as she flung her body, I held tightly to her hand and felt a little crack.  I didn’t think anything of it until I noticed her cry was for real and it wasn’t stopping. OH MAN! I can’t describe the feeling of knowing I just hurt my baby…ME..MYSELF!

She had a real cast put on today and she was just the sweetest little thing, charming all the doctors and nurses.  They tried to make me feel better, saying ‘things like this happen all the time’ and ‘it was just an accident’, but I fully expect the Child Protection Agency to show up at my house.

It wasn’t hard to get Emmy to smile for this picture. I just said, “Smile! Smile right now OR SO HELP ME I WILL BREAK THAT OTHER ARM OF YOURS! And I had better not find any wire hangers in your closet, young lady!  NO WIIIIRE HAAAANGERS”


Josh Needs to Re-Take Primary

Josh is in putting Ashton to bed for the fourth time tonight.  He left the door open and I’m listening to Josh sing Ashton songs and I’m LAUGHING MY BUM OFF!!!  Here’s how the first one went:

“I hope they call me on a mission, when I have grown a foot or two. (I am thinking,”Oh, that is so cute that he’s singing that song!”) I hope by then I will be ready to teach and preach and work as missionaries do.

I hope that I can share the gospel with those who want to know the truth. I want to be a missionary………long pause…..to teach and preach and work as missionaries do…”

Oh man, I had to stifle my laughter by shoving my face into the bean bag.  Then on to the next song…

“Called to serve Him Heavenly King of Glory………chosen heir to….witness…..for the King….(long pause and me laughing into the bean bag)…”

He gave up on that one and went on to “I am a Child of God” which he also couldn’t remember!  Oh man, I am laughing/crying as I’m typing this, I can’t see anything!  It’s 1 AM, maybe I’m just tired.

He just came out and asked why I was laughing.  He told me that after those songs failed, he sang two whole verses of a Beastie Boys song he used to sing all the time.  We just sat there cracking up on the bean bag.   Josh’s next calling should be Primary Chorister.  Can you just see him up there, making excited faces at the kids trying to get them to sing, doing the good ol’ ladder leading?  You know what I’m talking about, the up and down scale leading?