Ashton and Josh went fishing the other day at a pond in…Salem..Payson…I don’t even know where they went, but it looks like a pretty place. They had lots of fun with Ashton’s cousins, Jayda and Druw (they are so cute and they all play together so well). Ashton learned to cast pretty well and he even caught a little fish.

We aren’t really outdoors people, we love it but we never go camping voluntarily and we will never own a dog. So before Ashton could go fishing we had to first get some supplies.  That meant Ashton had to face one of his greatest childhood demons…The Cal Ranch Store.  We went in there once when he was tiny to see the worlds biggest horse and it was a real sensory overload. He was mostly upset by the dead animals, particularly the dead reindeer that was hanging on the wall.  The whole way into the store he was affirming himself “I’m not scared anymore because now I am big”