Mommie Dearest


Look, she fell down the stairs, okay! Oh, alright…I DID IT! That’s right, Emmy’s very own mom broke her arm! It’s true and I FEEL TERRIBLE!!! Perhaps blogging about it and confessing to everyone will help ease the horrendous guilt I am feeling…

Since our last trip to the movies went so well, Josh and I decided to take the kids to see “UP”. They both sat and watched for an hour which was fabulous, but then they got a little restless.  I took them out to walk in the lobby for a minute but soon Ashton decided he wanted to go back in and took off.  Emmy decided she did NOT want to go back in and was about to take off the other way.  I grabbed her hand and started to lead her back to the theater, she freaked out, planning on throwing a tantrum (a scene played out in our house several times a day). Well, as she flung her body, I held tightly to her hand and felt a little crack.  I didn’t think anything of it until I noticed her cry was for real and it wasn’t stopping. OH MAN! I can’t describe the feeling of knowing I just hurt my baby…ME..MYSELF!

She had a real cast put on today and she was just the sweetest little thing, charming all the doctors and nurses.  They tried to make me feel better, saying ‘things like this happen all the time’ and ‘it was just an accident’, but I fully expect the Child Protection Agency to show up at my house.

It wasn’t hard to get Emmy to smile for this picture. I just said, “Smile! Smile right now OR SO HELP ME I WILL BREAK THAT OTHER ARM OF YOURS! And I had better not find any wire hangers in your closet, young lady!  NO WIIIIRE HAAAANGERS”