My Little Gospel Scholar

When I was given a little slip of paper notifying me of Ashton’s upcoming speaking assignments in Primary, I thought it had to be a joke! He’s just a baby! He just learned how to talk! He was supposed to give the scripture one week and then a couple weeks later a full-on TALK! I was kind of excited, thinking I would have him memorize a scripture and blow everyone away. Well, he IS 3 1/2 and wasn’t interested in it at all so I ended up whispering to him on the spot. He did such a great job, though. I was sooooo proud of him!

He wore his suit to give his talk and he insisted on getting dressed all by himself, of course….


Since I helped Ashton with the scripture, I made Josh help him with the talk. They both did such a good job : ) . What an exciting milestone! I can’t believe how big my baby boy is!!!