July 2009

Emmy, You Is 2!

When I made Emmy’s birthday cake, I asked Ashton what I should write on it.  He dictated the following:


If you are Ashton, that says “Emmy Lou is 2!”  If you are Eddie, it says, “Emmy, You is 2!”  Das righ’, my liddo puddin’ be 2 years ol’!  Daaaaang, girl!  You is soooo big!  Wha’choo doin’, all growed up like dat?

So anyhoo, my baby really is 2 and I cannot believe it!  We kept the celebration to a minimum this year.  We had Grammy and Paw come over for dinner and then stay for presents and cake.  It is always fabulous to have all the family together for a big old party, but this was actually nice, too.

We wouldn’t let Emmy open any presents until she scrubbed down the WHOLE kitchen after dinner…




And then we laughed like Dr. Evil after we said “Emmy, if you can climb up and get your presents off the mantle, you can open them!”




She couldn’t reach them….


Here are some more cute pictures….


Emmy’s favorite presents were her Baby Alive and a stroller.  She wasn’t interested in ANYTHING else after she opened them….

“For-ev-VER! For-ev-VER! For-ev-VER!”

Lately, Ashton has been LOVING “The Sandlot”. I had forgotten how funny that movie is and I’m loving it, too. When Ashton eats a Lunchable, it goes like this:

Picks up a cracker, “First, you take the graham..”
Picks up a piece of ham, “Then you stick the chocolate on the graham…”
With the cheese, “When the ‘mallow’s flamin’, you stick it on the chocolate.”

You get the idea. He goes all the way through it until “Then you scarf!” and actually takes a bite (something that never happens voluntarily normally).

He also likes to get into name-calling wars (only allowed with Josh or myself).  His favorites include: fart-sniffer, scab-eater, boogar-picker, bum-face and he’ll come up with new and exciting combinations every time.

Yesterday at the pool he made Emmy lay on her back and he proceeded to perform CPR on her.  He did pretty well and I was hoping the lifeguards weren’t thinking I was letting a 3 year-old save my baby’s life.

He likes to play baseball until he drops the ball or misses it with the bat and then he gets too frustrated and is DONE.

Anyhoo, such a funny movie.  Although Squints was hilarious, fiesty and very endearing….


I really, really loved Benny.  He was one good-lookin’ kid AND he was nice to the dork.  Hot and sensitive…


MmmmMMMmmmMMM! And I know this sounds creepy, but he was totally cute as young Benny and then when he’s all grown up playing for the Dodgers and has that nasty mustache….ewww.   I’ve been thinking, ‘I wonder what happened to that kid…’ so I went to good ol’ IMDB.  Well, it turns out that he isn’t a movie star at all (thank goodness) AND get THIS!  He’s a fireman in L.A.!  OOOOOOOLALAAAAA!  How can I get my hands on one of  THOSE calendars?!?!?!?

4th of July

After my crime-filled early morning, Kris and I met the fam for the parade. It was tons of fun. Krissy’s family saved us all a place again (THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!) and ‘the more the merrier’ is our theme…I hope…because we had in-laws from all kinds of families join us and it was awesome! My parents drove the day before from CA with their exchange students from Sweden. There is not a better place to show them what Independence Day is all about!

We had a BBQ at Rob’s house that afternoon. A ton of people were once again fed by Krissy’s amazing Navajo Taco Hamburgers! (Instead of hamburger buns, we wrap the meat in a Navajo taco bread. Soooo good! I was glad I ran/walked 3 miles that morning!) The kids played while we chilled inside watching Le Tour De Lance.


As tradition holds, we all went up to the MTC field to watch the Stadium of Fire fireworks. We played Ultimate Frisbee and volleyball. Poor little Ashton was totally excited to see fireworks yet soooo tired. He fell asleep just as they started.

Free-Dumb Run

I never agree with Josh, but he will tell you that I am NOT a good liar. He will also tell you, and I whole-heartedly agree, that I HATE, HATE HATE getting in trouble.

On July 3rd, Kris and I decided to wake up early and run in the Freedom Run even though we hadn’t registered. We were too late to get a shirt and if we registered, we’d have to get to the park at 5:30 AM to pick up our junk. So we just thought “Whatever, we aren’t going to pay $25 to run 3 miles! We’ll just go run with the mob and get some exercise before we pig out all day long.”

We were having a good old time, laughing, running, seeing friends along the way. It was great! Until at about mile 2, a race security guard asked me where my number was. I was caught off-guard, being one of MANY people without numbers on! I very convincingly lied (here is where Josh would tell you that it was not convincing at all), as I continued on my way, “It’s in my stroller.” He yelled, “Put it on NOW!” Sheesh! It’s as if he didn’t believe me! What the… So I slowed to a walk and pretended to search around in my stroller pockets for said number. After what I thought was a safe distance, I started to run again. Kris nervously ran next to me and said “Jenn, he’s yelling at you.” I faintly heard a “Ma’am! Ma’am!” behind me but surely I wasn’t being referred to as MA’AM! That’s what old ladies are called!!!! So I kept running. Soon I heard loud, RUNNING footsteps behind me and the dude yelling “I CAN RUN FASTER THAN YOU CAN RIGHT NOW! STOP!!” What the @%!$@%#&?!?!?!??!

So he kicked us off the PUBLIC street. Oh man I was so pissed. I don’t used that term often but I will use it now. When I get in trouble, I get REALLY mad and proceed to get very rebellious. Kris and I weren’t going to partake in any of the race paraphernalia (did you know that word has a second “R” in it? I didn’t. Spell check just taught me that) but after he so unreasonably freaked out at ME, we walked for a few blocks then finished the race. We also drank the water they handed out and ate some fruit at the finish line. UH! Take that, jerk! This is a FREE country AND the 4th of JULY!!! I will run where I want to! UH!

That security guard is probably going to track me down and knock on my door demanding the $25. And you know what?! I’ll give it to him. I’ll also throw a banana and cup of water in his face! Here is a tribute to him (I know, he was just doing his job) AND also to Kris, my partner in crime whose favorite movie is “Better Off Dead”….

Hot Air Ballooons

Jess wrote a great post about our Hot Air Balloon outing. But here is a little slide show of my pictures…

And after the balloons, we went to McDonald’s (as Jess mentioned).

We got home and let the kids take a nap and Josh started his long day of work. When Ashton and Emmy woke up, I decided to head to Veteran’s Pool in Provo for the first time this year. I was just trying to be brave, venturing to the pool alone with two very mobile kids but as I was heading out, Josh decided to come with us and I was soooo excited. He is always very good at putting family first. He had to work the rest of the night, but he would have missed a couple of very cute hours with his babies and he knew it. No regrets, Josh. I love you, Babe.

Ashton was awesome! He picked up right where he left off last summer and started swimming under the water. Emmy was also very brave…