4th of July

After my crime-filled early morning, Kris and I met the fam for the parade. It was tons of fun. Krissy’s family saved us all a place again (THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!) and ‘the more the merrier’ is our theme…I hope…because we had in-laws from all kinds of families join us and it was awesome! My parents drove the day before from CA with their exchange students from Sweden. There is not a better place to show them what Independence Day is all about!

We had a BBQ at Rob’s house that afternoon. A ton of people were once again fed by Krissy’s amazing Navajo Taco Hamburgers! (Instead of hamburger buns, we wrap the meat in a Navajo taco bread. Soooo good! I was glad I ran/walked 3 miles that morning!) The kids played while we chilled inside watching Le Tour De Lance.


As tradition holds, we all went up to the MTC field to watch the Stadium of Fire fireworks. We played Ultimate Frisbee and volleyball. Poor little Ashton was totally excited to see fireworks yet soooo tired. He fell asleep just as they started.