Emmy, You Is 2!

When I made Emmy’s birthday cake, I asked Ashton what I should write on it.  He dictated the following:


If you are Ashton, that says “Emmy Lou is 2!”  If you are Eddie, it says, “Emmy, You is 2!”  Das righ’, my liddo puddin’ be 2 years ol’!  Daaaaang, girl!  You is soooo big!  Wha’choo doin’, all growed up like dat?

So anyhoo, my baby really is 2 and I cannot believe it!  We kept the celebration to a minimum this year.  We had Grammy and Paw come over for dinner and then stay for presents and cake.  It is always fabulous to have all the family together for a big old party, but this was actually nice, too.

We wouldn’t let Emmy open any presents until she scrubbed down the WHOLE kitchen after dinner…




And then we laughed like Dr. Evil after we said “Emmy, if you can climb up and get your presents off the mantle, you can open them!”




She couldn’t reach them….


Here are some more cute pictures….


Emmy’s favorite presents were her Baby Alive and a stroller.  She wasn’t interested in ANYTHING else after she opened them….