Family Reunion

Every other year for millions of years the Terry Family has had a family reunion. The Terry Family consists of my Grandma Harris and her six siblings. When we were all young we never missed a reunion…then we got old, moved out, went away, got busy, etc. etc. it got harder and harder to make it to the reunions. This year for the first time in forever, everyone in my family made it to the reunion. It was tons of fun.

The first night, we just hung out talking and playing games while people arrived. Here’s a picture of Josh and Kris, pretending to have so much fun playing get-to-know-you games.

The next day we had the whole Fun Center to ourselves to play arcades, miniature golf, laser tag, bumper cars and have a pizza party. Laser tag was the best! Ashton LOVED it! He was a little demonic because he would shoot somebody then wait for their suit to reactivate and then kill them again.

That afternoon most of the Stewart girls went to the St. George Temple together. Diana and Shelley also came (I love those girls!!!). My mom and Angie came a little while after this picture was taken.

The guys went golfing the next morning and then we all went to my Grandma Stewart’s to take a big old family picture. That afternoon the reunion festivities continued at the Washington City Community Center. Most of it was reserved just for us – the Rock Wall, basketball and volleyball, the track and the water park. We had the traditional Terry Track Meet. Jess and Gary did an amazing job organizing it with fun races to mix it up a bit: Creepy Crawlers (babies crawling), Pitter-Patter (1-2 year-olds), “Eyes in the Back of Your Head” (Mom’s running backwards), Dad’s with kids on their shoulders, jump-roping races, and then the regular ones that Terry’s get very competitive with. Somehow the only girls who showed up for the 18 and Older Women Race were all the Stewart sisters (minus Cari). I was SURE, since we are loving sisters, that it would be a friendly jaunt around the track, maybe linking arms and walking like The Monkee’s. WEEEELL, I forgot that Lindsey LUNDELL is now a Stewart and never loses ANYTHING. I also forgot that Angie was in track and runs freaking fast. I never even knew that Kris totally kicks butt, also! So before I rounded the first corner I came to the horrible realization that I was going to seriously lose this very serious race. It was pretty funny. My sisters and sisters-in-law ROCK! Thankfully, Josh was busy climbing the Rock Wall or else I would have been really embarrassed. We had a BBQ and played at the water park the rest of the night. Sooooo much fun.

I don’t have any pictures of the traditional Terry Family Reunion Talent Show. Eddie and I married people who absolutely refuse to have anything to do with talent or the display of talent. : ) Though I must admit that sometimes these talent shows can go on for HOURS. With four generations of singing and dancing great-uncles and aunts, cousins, second-cousins, eighth-cousins-once-removed….it get’s long….