“For-ev-VER! For-ev-VER! For-ev-VER!”

Lately, Ashton has been LOVING “The Sandlot”. I had forgotten how funny that movie is and I’m loving it, too. When Ashton eats a Lunchable, it goes like this:

Picks up a cracker, “First, you take the graham..”
Picks up a piece of ham, “Then you stick the chocolate on the graham…”
With the cheese, “When the ‘mallow’s flamin’, you stick it on the chocolate.”

You get the idea. He goes all the way through it until “Then you scarf!” and actually takes a bite (something that never happens voluntarily normally).

He also likes to get into name-calling wars (only allowed with Josh or myself).  His favorites include: fart-sniffer, scab-eater, boogar-picker, bum-face and he’ll come up with new and exciting combinations every time.

Yesterday at the pool he made Emmy lay on her back and he proceeded to perform CPR on her.  He did pretty well and I was hoping the lifeguards weren’t thinking I was letting a 3 year-old save my baby’s life.

He likes to play baseball until he drops the ball or misses it with the bat and then he gets too frustrated and is DONE.

Anyhoo, such a funny movie.  Although Squints was hilarious, fiesty and very endearing….


I really, really loved Benny.  He was one good-lookin’ kid AND he was nice to the dork.  Hot and sensitive…


MmmmMMMmmmMMM! And I know this sounds creepy, but he was totally cute as young Benny and then when he’s all grown up playing for the Dodgers and has that nasty mustache….ewww.   I’ve been thinking, ‘I wonder what happened to that kid…’ so I went to good ol’ IMDB.  Well, it turns out that he isn’t a movie star at all (thank goodness) AND get THIS!  He’s a fireman in L.A.!  OOOOOOOLALAAAAA!  How can I get my hands on one of  THOSE calendars?!?!?!?