Hot Air Ballooons

Jess wrote a great post about our Hot Air Balloon outing. But here is a little slide show of my pictures…

And after the balloons, we went to McDonald’s (as Jess mentioned).

We got home and let the kids take a nap and Josh started his long day of work. When Ashton and Emmy woke up, I decided to head to Veteran’s Pool in Provo for the first time this year. I was just trying to be brave, venturing to the pool alone with two very mobile kids but as I was heading out, Josh decided to come with us and I was soooo excited. He is always very good at putting family first. He had to work the rest of the night, but he would have missed a couple of very cute hours with his babies and he knew it. No regrets, Josh. I love you, Babe.

Ashton was awesome! He picked up right where he left off last summer and started swimming under the water. Emmy was also very brave…