Las Vegas

We had a family reunion in St. George starting on a Wednesday. As the weekend before approached, Josh and I were DYING to get out of town but Josh had to teach Gospel Doctrine on Sunday and he had meetings Monday. Sunday night we just couldn’t imagine staying in town another day! So we booked a hotel in Vegas and planned to leave the next day after Josh got home from his meetings. At about noon on Monday, Eddie and Lindsey came over to see what I was up to. (I was frantically cleaning the house and packing, hoping to be ready to leave when Josh pulled into the driveway.) When Ed and Linz asked what we were going to do in Vegas, I fervently replied, “NOTHING”. This may sound really boring, but we were so excited to just be AWAY, not HAVING to do ANYTHING. That must have sounded pretty nice to Ed and Linz because they figured out lodging, packed up and were on the road to join us in Vegas within 3 hours! It was incredible!

We stayed at the Trump Hotel and LOVED it. My favorite part was that it wasn’t a casino. We walked into a quiet hotel lobby with gigantic, fresh flower arrangments, not a smokey, loud casino. We got there pretty late and after some jumping-on-the-bed by our hoodlums, we all went to sleep.

The next morning, we walked around near the hotel. It was definitely way too hot to wander too far (and it was only 9:30 AM! I have forgotten what it’s like to live in the desert! OWIE!!!!)

After lunch, we went out to the pool for a few hours. Soooo nice. Then, we hung out in the hotel room doing, that’s right, NOTHING (Josh did work a little bit, to tell you the truth).

Emmy at the pool “Just Dance”-ing

We met up with Diana and went to In-N-Out. We saw the lions at the MGM, then we walked around an outdoor mall south of The Strip. Diana showed us a little place she loves called YOGURTLAND…YUMMMMY! It’s like a salad bar but with frozen yogurt. Ashton built his own using every flavor they had and topped it with some interesting candy combinations and HE LOVED IT.

The next day we really did the NOTHING that we were so excited about. I took Ashton to the pool in the morning while Josh chilled with Emmy in the room. Then in the afternoon, Emmy took a nap, I went back to the pool and Josh got to cuddle with Ashton while watching cartoons. It was sooo nice for us to have some one-on-one time with each kid (and for me to be WITHOUT ANY KIDS at the pool for an hour! Wowie! Niiiice)


Ashton being spoiled by Josh, all cuddled in his Trump robe being fed strawberries. Ahhh, what a life!