Birthday Boy

As if Emmy turning TWO wasn’t shocking enough, Ashton just went ahead and freaked me out by turning FOUR last week!

Where in THE world does the time go???

I learned this little trick from my amazing sister-in-law, Krissy… She decorates the house for each of her kids’ birthdays the night before, after they go to bed.  After a few years, her kids would get so excited for the ‘Birthday Fairy’ to come decorate.  Sooo cute.  So far it has been a huge hit in our house, too.  Thanks, Krissy!   Here is Ashton waking up to see his birthday decorations….

We decided to have another family birthday BBQ at the pavilion.  Ashton wanted two things for his birthday party: a pirate cake and a pinata.  He has been to two amazing pirate parties recently and when he asked for a pirate cake, I started sweating bullets!  Let me explain further….Druw had a pirate ship fabricated to hold his birthday cupcakes, it was incredible, such a cute idea.  Krissy made a pirate ship CAKE for Adam two days earlier and the vision was fresh in Ashton’s mind.  Krissy is so talented, she should really work for the Ace of Cakes dude.  The pirate ship was AMAZING!!!!!!  I am lucky that Ashton is such a sweetheart and was so happy with my meager attempt at a pirate cake.  My method…get a blank Costco cake, sprinkle with blue sugar, put a glob of brown sugar on it, decorate with Ashton’s pirate toys.  He loved it.  PHEW!

It has been almost a whole week since the party and Ashton has taken that Spiderman suit off to take a couple baths and that’s about it.  Sick, I know!  But at least it has given me a chance to wash his Batman suit.

Thank you, everyone who came and made Ashton’s party so much fun!  We love you!