When we were at Lake Powell last year, Grammy and Paw took the whole family to the Fiesta Days Rodeo in Spanish Fork.  We only heard stories about how much Ashton loved it and since he asked about it every time we drove by the arena, we decided to go this year.

I have to confess that this was not my first time going to a rodeo.  One summer when I was fourteen or fifteen, my family was on vacation in Utah and my grandpa got us tickets to this very rodeo in Spanish Fork.  I was soooo mad that I was being forced to go to a rodeo!!!!  You can probably imagine the attitude that was exuding from me, a teenage girl, as I climbed the bleachers and found that our seats were directly above a corral of LIVESTOCK!  Why were my parents punishing me?  How could I possibly live through this event as the breeze encircled me with wafts of manure????  Oooooh I was mad.  But as my sisters and I embraced the culture of the cowpeople, yee-hawin’ and boot-scootin’ like the best of ’em, we had a rip-roarin’ good time!


This time the rodeo was lots of fun, too, mostly because I could watch my kids loving the animals and the excitement.

I was so proud of the little braids in Emmy’s hair.  I couldn’t stop looking at them, soooo cute!



I really liked the rodeo.  The opening…ceremonies, were really cool, very patriotic.  And they even had an opening prayer, LDS-style.  It was really nice.  It even included a normal LDS-style oxy-moronic, “let this dessert nourish and strengthen our bodies” phrase….let me give you examples from my own prayers:

When I haven’t studied one bit for a test – “Pleeeease help me pass this test”

When I’m trying to sneak down to rink-side seats that I didn’t pay for at Grizzlies games – “Pleeease don’t let me get caught”

“Pleeeease let me finish this marathon that I didn’t really train for”

The phrase in this particular prayer was, “Please protect our athletes from harm.”  Hmmmmm, I just don’t think you can ask for that when you deliberately strap yourself onto a raging bull!

Our little babies, who are normally in bed by 6:30 and 7:30, stayed up soooo late and were just happy as can be.   Buuuut poor little Ashton fell asleep right as the first bull came busting out of the gate, it was about 10 PM.  Emmy stayed awake through the whole thing.