September 2009

There Are TWO Reasons I Run in Skin Tight Pants

If you ever see me out running, you probably won’t think to yourself, “That girl is WHITE TRASH!”…but, hey, maybe you would…my long hair in a ponytail could definitely look like an awesome mullet….ANYWAY….BUT if my iPod music were playing loud and clear for all to hear, EVERYONE would be saying, “That girl is WHITE TRASH!”  You see, I have a million songs on my running playlist, but the FIRST song, the song that I always begin running to and always go back to when I’m running out of steam is “Rocket” by Def Leppard!!!!  HAHAHAHAHA! I can’t believe I’m writing this in a blog post.

The tempo of this song is PERFECT for my stride…Okay, okay, aaaaand I used to love this song so much when I really WAS white trash, that it would give me happy goosebumps all over.  So it still makes me happy and gives me energy AAAAND when it ends, I know I’ve almost gone a whole mile!  It’s the BEST!


Date Night

Eddie, Lindsey, Josh and I decided to go to Snowbird for Star Gazers…I don’t even know what it is, really.  You go to a little class where they teach you about stars and then you ride the gondola to the top of the mountain and look at stars, and probably make out like crazy.  So we got to Snowbird and found out that Star Gazers had been canceled due to bad weather.  We also found out that we are completely UNPREPARED for WINTER!!!!  It was FREEZING UP THERE!!!!!

Since we had a real babysitter (no offense Cari and Kris) we couldn’t just go home!  We drove around up in the hills checking out incredible homes and went shopping at the new Nordstrom Rack in Draper.  Everything was closing and we still didn’t want to go home.  Our only option (besides going to Walmart, splitting up and finding the BEST thing for ONE DOLLAR) was to go to Trafalga.  We were all a little hesitant, even though Josh and I had been to their batting cages a couple weeks ago.   But it ended up being tons of fun!

We did the batting cages again.  Josh took one swing and realized what caused his tendonitis to flare up approximately two weeks ago (batting cages) and couldn’t participate.  Eddie and Lindsey rocked.  I found out that I’m a switch hitter!  After having quite the horrible RBI right-handed (yes, I throw and hit right-handed), Lindsey told me to try lefty.  It was WAAAAY better.  Weird.


We raced bumper cars.


And we played some arcade games.  This one was pretty fun/funny…JUMPING JACKPOT!!!

Here’s Josh’s first try, on one foot because of his tendonitis in his right ankle:

Here’s Eddie’s first try:

Lindsey’s first try:

And my first try:

Potty Training

Yeah, I know, it’s time.



That’s My Girl!

Gramma and Papa will be so proud!


P.S.  My parents sent a copy of this book to all of their kids.  I just finished reading it.  It’s excellent.  READ IT!

“Help I’m Stuck in London!” Facebook Scam (or chat or whatever)

I have heard about these things but I have never had the privilege of being targeted myself. 

Here is a IM conversation I had with a bad guy somewhere. Just so you know Jannah Hancock aka Lazy Daisy is a good guy.  She lives here in Utah and is really active on social media.  Bad guys were just using her account for evil.

BTW – Never ever use Western Union, it is only used for scams.

4:27:23 AM Layz Daisy: Hi there
Changed status to Available (4:27:53 AM)
4:28:46 AM Layz Daisy: You there
Changed status to Idle (4:40:53 AM)
Changed status to Available (9:18:52 AM)
9:28:49 AM Josh Carr Superstar: I am here now
Changed status to Idle (9:29:52 AM)
Changed status to Available (9:31:52 AM)
9:33:57 AM Layz Daisy: Hey Josh !
9:34:02 AM Layz Daisy: How are you doing
9:34:35 AM Josh Carr Superstar: good
9:35:31 AM Layz Daisy: Well you know I’m stuck here in london ?
9:36:01 AM Josh Carr Superstar: I didn’t know that
9:36:22 AM Layz Daisy: Really ?
9:36:35 AM Josh Carr Superstar: maybe you are thinking of a different Josh 🙂
9:38:32 AM Layz Daisy: Well i’m in a bad situation right here in london need urgent help out
9:38:57 AM Josh Carr Superstar: what is going on?
9:40:02 AM Layz Daisy: I’m sorry for this odd request because it might get to you too urgent but it’s because of the situation of things right now, i’m stuck in london with family right now
9:41:08 AM Josh Carr Superstar: Do you need money?
9:42:49 AM Layz Daisy: All we need is $700 more to complete our ticket fee
9:43:55 AM Layz Daisy: we came down here on vacation , we were robbed, worse of it is that bags, cash and cards and my cell phone was stolen at GUN POINT, it’s such a crazy experience for me having the kids around, i need help flying back home
9:44:45 AM Josh Carr Superstar: How about $1000? $2000?
9:45:21 AM Layz Daisy: Yeah … I think $1000 will help alot
9:45:39 AM Layz Daisy: I will refund you as soon as i’m back home, i promise
9:46:32 AM Layz Daisy: I still have my passport ID to pick up the money here
9:46:40 AM Layz Daisy: You know How to get it to me ?
9:47:24 AM Josh Carr Superstar: Western Union?
9:48:08 AM Layz Daisy: Yeah … You can get it to me here via western union … You only need my name and the country name here
9:49:14 AM Layz Daisy: Name : Jannah Hancock
9:49:14 AM Layz Daisy: Name : Jannah Hancock
9:49:28 AM Layz Daisy: Country Name : United Kingdom
9:49:40 AM Layz Daisy: Thats all you need … You got it right ?
9:50:04 AM Josh Carr Superstar: yup – I am rushing to the store right now
9:50:41 AM Layz Daisy: Alright …. I’m really grateful 
9:50:48 AM Layz Daisy: Thanks alot !
9:51:02 AM Josh Carr Superstar: no problem