Bowling Babies

Josh and I decided to take the kids bowling for the first time the other day.  We had soooo much fun!  We went to Fat Cats in Provo.  It was clean, smoke-free, the atmosphere was family-friendly and the music was goooooood, especially since it happened to be Michael Jackson’s birthday and every other song was one of his!!!!  PARTY!!!!  Ashton and Emmy loved it and did great being patient waiting for their turns.  Emmy went running down the lane twice, both times wiping out fast and hard.  Funny…and sad, of course.

I have a question….HOW ARE BABIES SO STRONG?!??! Emmy was picking up 10 pound balls and handing them to Ashton. That is almost half her own body weight. And Ashton was throwing those ten pound balls down the lane! That would be like me throwing a ball that weighs…well, I will just say A LOT…across half a football field…or something….ANYWAY, FREAKISH!

The juxtaposition between Micheal Jackson and Poison! was the perfect formula to ensure we would have “nothin’ but a good time” but not let us forget we were still in a bowling alley.