Fathers and Sons Campout

I took Ashton on the Fathers and Sons Campout. (Notice his bright orange clothing that Jenn dressed him in so I wouldn’t lose him). This was his very first time camping and he was sooo excited.  He talked about it for two weeks prior. He was really excited for the fire and for s’mores. (Ashton is a s’more expert because he memorized “The Sandlot”)

Because the moms weren’t around, the dads just let these little boys wander through the woods doing whatever they wanted. They loved it.  In this little clip they showed up near our tent.  Who knows where they had been.  Ashton is being a Reindeer and Druw is a skeleton.

Nate and I had this genius idea: we would take a couple air mattresses so we didn’t have to sleep on the bumpy ground. The problem was I couldn’t find my air mattress pump so at the last minute I threw my bike pump into the car – that was a huge mistake. We spent about 2.5 hours pumping up our stupid mattresses.  We would have quit but it really became like Captain Ahab and his whale. We didn’t even care about comfort, we just had to conquer those mattresses.

This is Josh Willis with Jared Smithson’s arms. Then me with Andy Hokanson’s arms and finally Will Bass and his dad. We are awesome.