My Big Boy

Ashton started preschool last week.  He LOVES it!  It is only 2 1/2 hours twice a week and it’s just the perfect amount of time for this little guy to hang out with new friends and learn stuff while not being away too long.  So far, he’s had one day of preschool and I missed him tons and couldn’t wait to pick him up.


Happily, confidently, and resolutely walking alone to preschool.


This is Miss Courtney.  Ashton loves her.


My little Lefty.  He can write his own name (all the letters are usually all over the page and some are backwards, but they are there) and he can write Emmy’s name as I tell him the letters E-M-M-Y.  In our dinner prayer last night he said,”Help me to learn my ABC’s at school”. Soooo cute!