There Are TWO Reasons I Run in Skin Tight Pants

If you ever see me out running, you probably won’t think to yourself, “That girl is WHITE TRASH!”…but, hey, maybe you would…my long hair in a ponytail could definitely look like an awesome mullet….ANYWAY….BUT if my iPod music were playing loud and clear for all to hear, EVERYONE would be saying, “That girl is WHITE TRASH!”  You see, I have a million songs on my running playlist, but the FIRST song, the song that I always begin running to and always go back to when I’m running out of steam is “Rocket” by Def Leppard!!!!  HAHAHAHAHA! I can’t believe I’m writing this in a blog post.

The tempo of this song is PERFECT for my stride…Okay, okay, aaaaand I used to love this song so much when I really WAS white trash, that it would give me happy goosebumps all over.  So it still makes me happy and gives me energy AAAAND when it ends, I know I’ve almost gone a whole mile!  It’s the BEST!