Halloween Parade

Ashton’s preschool had a little Halloween Party last week.  Let me first say that Ashton LOVES preschool and is learning so much.  I am completely impressed with his teacher and all of the projects she has the kids do.  It is THE best!

So anyhoo, the parents were invited to come watch the kids in a Halloween Parade around the block.  We got there as the kids lined up and Ashton was all ready to go in the front…..


We borrowed some cowboy boots to complete Woody’s ensemble (Thank you, Aunt Koty!) and Ashton was soooo excited about them.  I noticed, as he was walking around before preschool, that he was walking strangely.  I thought “I guess that’s why cowboys walk the way they do, it’s the boots.”

So the parade started and my poor little Woody was falling behind quickly…


All they did was cross the street and then turn the corner and here is Ashton, in the very back…probably screaming in his head “MOM!!!!  HELP ME!  MY FEET ARE KILLING ME!”


Poor little guy, he still walked around the whole block with boots on that were a tad too small.  By the time he got back to us, he was walking slowly and all pigeon-toed and messed up.  Josh and I were laughing so hard while our hearts broke.