More Thanksgiving Fun

The guys went golfing a couple times.  The first time they went it was EXTREMELY windy…even more windy than the usual desert wind.  Eddie was trying to putt UPHILL against the wind for a while. Josh decided to start recording after this same exact thing happened SIX swings in a row…

The kids played in the backyard for hours and hours (thank goodness for warm California weather!).  Grandpa brought his little tiny pet birds out and let Ashton hold his peregrine falcon.  Ashton LOVED it!  I was so proud of his bravery.

Once we were peering into the cage trying to find the peregrine, waiting for our eyes to adjust.  As soon as Emmy’s little face was close enough, that bird came screaming out of the darkness and scratched her cheek with its TALONS. (Who can say that word without laughing?  Thanks, Napoleon!)