January 2010

Disneyland! The Scariest Place on Earth (for Ashton)

We got to spend three days hopping back and forth between Disneyland and California Adventure.  What can I say, it was a dream!  We had so much fun and the kids were soooo good.  My mom came with us the first day.  It was so great to have her with us.  We missed you, though, Dad!

First we had breakfast at the hotel with a bunch of characters.  Ashton was in heaven!

IMG_0594Emmy was a little freaked out…Here she is trying to be brave.


We hurried straight to Pirates of the Caribbean but Ashton absolutely refused.  We thought that was strange since he loves the movie and loved the ride last year.  So we went on to the Haunted Mansion.  Ashton watched “The Nightmare before Christmas” all the way to California so we thought he’d LOOOOVE it, all decked out for Christmas with Jack Skelington.  Well, he HATED it and was scared all the way through.  Okay….so what did we decide to go on next?  Splash Mountain!  I LOVE Splash Mountain and Ashton was tall enough so we brought him with us, even though he REALLY didn’t want to.  Here’s a  picture of my poor baby being thrown into the briar patch…

IMG_0631And a video….

So, as you can imagine, he was way soooo scared of all the rides from then on.  We are the meanest parents in the world!  He was still brave and went on rides, but as we stood in line he would ask a list of questions that grew pretty long by the 3rd day…”Are there any tunnels on this ride? Any witches? Any spiders? Any waterfalls? Any bad guys?”

Anyhoo, here are just a few pictures of that first day with Grammy.

La Brea Tar Pits

On Tuesday afternoon, we left my parent’s house and headed to Disneyland.  We took a trip down Jenn’s Memory Lane and drove by my old house in La Habra (hadn’t been by in probably 23 years), my Grandma Stewart’s old house ( I just wanted to SMELL the air and it did not disappoint!  Same as always!  Oh wowie!  I LOOOOOVE that smell!), and the La Brea Tar Pits.  We had never been to the Tar Pits and weren’t expecting much but it was pretty interesting.  We totally lucked out because it was Free Tuesday!  What the….AWESOME!

What are the TAR PITS, you might be asking yourself???  Well, right in the middle of Los Angeles are actual pits of tar bubbling right out of the ground!  They were there a BRAZILLION years ago and they are still there today, actually bubbling and oozing from the parking lot and random places throughout the park.  So some guy discovered some bones in the pit and then they starting going crazy and found a trillion other dinosaur, mammoth and other prehistoric animal bones….SEE?!?!?!?  I forget all the numbers and junk since it’s been a month.  If you want details, talk to Josh.  He remembers all this kind of junk. 🙂   What I DEFINITELY remember is trying to pull a metal bar out of the tar and how I was imagining it being my leg and how I was about to have a panic attack.  SCARY!  You do NOT want to die in a tar pit!

We finally made it to the Grand Californian at Disneyland.  We met Jason and Caroline Turner for dinner at C.P.K.  We hang out with them whenever we get a chance!  Even if it means ruining their family dinner by bringing our totally tired kids along.


IMG_0587-1We went back to the hotel to get the kids some sleep before the busy days ahead.  They were pretty cute all cuddled in their beds.  Ashton asked, “Mom, where are you and Dad gonna sleep?”


L.A. Zoo

Everybody else had to leave on Sunday morning, so we got to have the G’parents all to ourselves Sunday and Monday!

Grandpa and Grandma took us to the L.A. Zoo on Monday.  There were probably 5 other people at the zoo that day.  It was fabulous.

After the zoo, we hung out at Grandpa’s studio while he finished up some stuff.   Then, to celebrate my parent’s 36th Wedding Anniversary (sure, we crashed their party), we all went to my Dad’s favorite seafood place, Clancy’s.

The Happy Anniversary Couple!  They are THE BEST!!!! (My dad is thinking “Are you guys STILL here??!?!?!”)


I always wish we could leave the kids out in the car so we can enjoy our crab to the fullest.  They were pretty good, though.  Ashton ONLY wanted a fish with “a head and tail and fins”.


They did not have any fish still in tact (besides their display) so we convinced Ash to try shrimp.  He tried it and liked it!  I was so proud of him.

IMG_0522In order to have a moment to eat our crab legs, we had to make a couple of sacrifices…and I mean SACRIFICES!

IMG_0526The Mom’s

IMG_0518You know the seafood is gonna be good when they bring out the bibs! 🙂


Oh Yes, Even More Thanksgiving

I’m back! After an incredibly wonderful Christmas season, a very Happy New Year and TONS AND TONS of SUPER MARIO BROTHERS on the Wii, I am forcing myself to get back to work!

You might have thought I posted all of our California Thanksgiving/Vacation adventures…Oh heck, no! I haven’t even made a dent! Since I am sooooo behind, I’m going to make it short, quick and to the point!

We all went shopping at the Valencia Mall. The kids always love going to the mall, but this one is way fun with a pet store (with PUPPIES), Santa Claus and a Carousel….



IMG_0363Then we went to dinner at…a yummy Mexican place…see what happens when I wait a month to “write in my journal”?