L.A. Zoo

Everybody else had to leave on Sunday morning, so we got to have the G’parents all to ourselves Sunday and Monday!

Grandpa and Grandma took us to the L.A. Zoo on Monday.  There were probably 5 other people at the zoo that day.  It was fabulous.

After the zoo, we hung out at Grandpa’s studio while he finished up some stuff.   Then, to celebrate my parent’s 36th Wedding Anniversary (sure, we crashed their party), we all went to my Dad’s favorite seafood place, Clancy’s.

The Happy Anniversary Couple!  They are THE BEST!!!! (My dad is thinking “Are you guys STILL here??!?!?!”)


I always wish we could leave the kids out in the car so we can enjoy our crab to the fullest.  They were pretty good, though.  Ashton ONLY wanted a fish with “a head and tail and fins”.


They did not have any fish still in tact (besides their display) so we convinced Ash to try shrimp.  He tried it and liked it!  I was so proud of him.

IMG_0522In order to have a moment to eat our crab legs, we had to make a couple of sacrifices…and I mean SACRIFICES!

IMG_0526The Mom’s

IMG_0518You know the seafood is gonna be good when they bring out the bibs! 🙂