March 2010

Spring! Spring! Spring!

Yeah, so, I’ve had this song stuck in my head today, so????  Who can name the musical…..????

“Oh, the barnyard is busy in a regular tizzy,
And the obvious reason is because of the season
Ma Nature’s lyrical, with her yearly miracle
Spring, Spring, Spring.”

Last week we went to the park for the first time this year!  The park that is across the street, a one-minute walk from our house, almost like walking into our own backyard…which we barely started using again, also.  Woooo hooooo!

(Ashton’s bike totally shrunk during the winter!  What the..?!?!)

Josh was soooo wiped out and it would have been the perfect opportunity to take a nap, but he came with us, being the unstoppable family man that he is.  I LOVE HIM!  I don’t know why I thought we’d be the only ones out.  The park was swarming with kids.  I love our neighborhood!

Ashton and his pal planning their assault strategy

We made it through another winter!!!!  I LOVE SPRING!!!

Read This! There is a prize inside!

We have a little, tiny, ONE POUND announcement to make….

We had our ultrasound a week ago and the baby looks fine and my due date is July 26th.  I know this is mean to do to all of you, but Josh and I did NOT find out whether we’re having a boy or a girl.  I know!  WHY!?!?!?  It took so much brain power and stress and last minute pressure from the hospital as we were leaving to come up with 1 boy name that we liked and 1 girl name that we KIND OF liked (Ashton and Emmy).  That’s all we’ve got…we’re completely out of names.  Oh well, we’ll see what we can muster for baby #3.  We are so excited, though!!!  Ashton is sooooo completely excited to hold this baby and always asks when it will be coming out of my tummy and HOW it will be coming out….uuuummmm…”Go ask Dad”.

The other day I said,”Ashton, my tummy is going to get THIS BIG!” (you can imagine my arms showing my eventual hugeness)

Ashton very sadly replied,”Noooo, I don’t want that to happen.  Then I can’t hug you anymore.”

Ahhhhhh.  What a sweetie.

Emmy is going to be such a cute big sister.  I can’t wait for that.  She is just so sweet and soft and helpful with her new cousin, McKynlee.

I thought we could spice things up with a little friendly competition. We want everyone to guess what the baby’s sex is and leave it in the comments. While I’m recovering in the hospital Josh will buy everyone who guesses right a BEAN BURRITO!!!!

Northstar 2010

Jason and Caroline invited us to Lake Tahoe again this year.  It was such a fun vacation, as always.



tubing in the backyard,

eating too much delicious food,

Wii Tournaments,


Josh snowboarding,

Ashton went to ski school (Parents were NOT allowed to be there so I don’t have any pictures.  It’s probably better that way.  All I know is that a kid clobbered Ash with a snowball and he didn’t have a good time.  He had nightmares for about a week afterwards.  He would be screaming in his sleep “No!  I don’t want to go down again!”  Great.)

Jeff’s Gallon Challenge,

Shopping with Shelley,

S’mores…and some more S’mores,

Dance Dance Revolution with Caroline

Thank you sooooo much, Turners!!!!

(Jason put together a sweet video if you want to check out more of the fun!)


Due to MAJOR technical difficulties with my computer, all the pictures and videos that I wanted to post from Disneyland, Christmas, January, AND February are safely stored on an external hard drive .  Since it is almost impossible to catch up at this point, it’s going to feel good to just start from here.  Aaahhhh, all the blogging stress I’ve been feeling is just going to go away, right?  The sad thing is, you are going to miss how completely cute Josh, Ashton and Emmy have been for three months!  🙂 Sorry.