Big Top Ashton and Ashton’s Big Adventure

There are a few mobility milestones your kids hit and when they blow through these barriers your life changes forever (usually gets worse). Crawling allows them to make huge messes and break things you forgot to move higher.  Walking allows them to break things even faster. ” We just can’t have nice things!” Growing tall enough to open doors is absolutely a game changer.  Then you get lulled into comfort because there is a huge gap between opening doors and the next huge jump in mobility when they learn to ride a bike. This milestone changes everything: they can now break things anywhere in the neighborhood before you even know they left the house.

Ashton’s Clown Bike

For a time we had been able to cripple this mobility in Ashton by keeping him on his tiny, little, minature, clown bike.  It took him four turns of the peddle to match one turn by his friends, so he couldn’t get far and he couldn’t go fast.  Of course we always had to live with the persistent fear that he would run away and join the circus but it was worth the risk.

He is getting so huge we just couldn’t make Ashton wait until August for a birthday to get a new bike –  it was too embarrassing for both of us. So the other day Josh and Ash went shopping and came home with Ashton’s new best friend.  There hasn’t been such a union between a boy and his bike since maybe this guy…

Ashton’s life hasn’t been the same since.  He is experiencing a whole new level of freedom, which, as his mom, freaks me right out. If it isn’t raining or snowing, he is outside riding his bike with about five other neighborhood pals.  He and all the little neighborhood boys are like their own little biker gag! They just need a name and matching jackets.  It’s completely cute, but as I mentioned, I’m a paranoid mom.

Look at that biker attitude

Emmy has inherited Ashton’s old bike and she is very happy about it.

It didn’t take long for Ashton to see the true potential and unleash the power of his new bike.

It took only a couple days for his first wipe-out…yes, with training wheels.  He is trying not to let Josh take a picture but you can clearly see this war wound that made him completely unable to ride his bike for an entire afternoon.