Howling at the moon

Ashton LOVED watching the “Home Alone” movies this past Christmas.  Thankfully, he didn’t pick up the attitude problem that Kevin had.  He did love the bathroom scene and has insisted on doing his own hair ever since….

After Shave

Home AloneMySpace Video

Ashton also loves this movie.  He is STILL all about werewolves, bats, skeletons, ghosts…. anything having to do with Halloween.  In this movie, Theodore turns into a tiny werewolf.  If you notice, his hair is very similar to Kevin’s.

So Ashton used to tell me he wanted his hair like a werewolf.  When I didn’t do it right (ON PURPOSE) he would take over.  Here is Ashton’s hair, all ready for school.  It looks the same for church unless I get really tricky and distract him which is usually impossible.