Just Another Day

Ashton has preschool on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  He LOVES it and it never stops being completely cute to me when he’s all ready to head out the door to catch his ride to school.  This morning Emmy happened to have the camera and snapped this shot.  I am so happy it turned out.  I always pick Ashton up and hug and kiss him.  The other day Josh said, “You know he’s not going to let you do that for very much longer.”  SO SAD!!!!  Until that day comes….

Then Emmy always has to run down the stairs to give him a hug, usually when he is already running down the sidewalk.  This morning she hugged and kissed him and said,”You’re my best friend!”  Oh wowie, heart melted!!!

So then I had a couple hours to spend with Emmy.  We watched “Annie” (some of it, anyway) and played in her playhouse under the stairs.  Here is my tiny girl watching her movie…

Wouldn’t it be great to have a Love Sac that giant all to yourself???!!!