Potty Training Emmy

With this new baby coming soon, the pressure to get Emmy out of the crib and diapers has been huge.  So at the beginning of March, we put Em in a toddler bed.  At the end of March she stopped having milk before naps and bedtime.  And the first week of April, I started potty training.  With Ashton I used the 3-Day-Potty-Training Method, which turned out to be the worst three days ever and really ended up taking 5 days.  But what else could I do, buy Pull-Ups for months hoping she would just figure it out?  Naaaaah.

So on Day 1 she woke up and I put her new undies on and had her throw away the rest of her diapers.  She was very happy and excited to be such a big girl.

We painted, played Hungry Hippos and the Fishing Game, made cookies, played with Play-Doh, and all kinds of activities NEAR the bathroom.

I had much more realistic expectations this time around which helped me stay positive.  She had one successful toilet experience on the second day and I thought “WOOOO-HOOOO! This is it!  She’s got it!”  She got hugs from everyone including Ashton….

However, that ended up being complete luck.  By Day 6…that’s right, DAY SIX…I was loosing it!   Emmy had become quite the pro at HOLDING it for hours and hours.  After about five hours, I would just take her to the toilet which would cause her to completely freak out and scream and cry.  Also on Day 6, Emmy developed a fever and had crazy chills and even threw up a couple times…

How sad, huh?  This was the FIRST TIME in her whole life that she had ever been sick.  By 11 AM, when her fever hit 103.8, I rushed her to the doctor.  Guess what they needed from my sad, sick, frustrated little girl….That’s right…A URINE SAMPLE.  GREAT!!!!  Long story short, probably since the first day of potty training, Emmy had a Urinary Tract Infection.  Poor baby!

So she started antibiotics and for the next three days we fought that fever of 103 which kept coming back.  She was very cuddly and sad.

Her fever finally went away and it was like starting the potty training all over again.  I was tired of saying “Tell me if you have to go potty” and waiting for the pee to just end up on the floor. So I would just force her to sit on the toilet after hours of her holding it.  She had some successes, but only after 30 minutes or even an hour in the bathroom…

This marks the 13th Day of Potty Training and BY GEORGE, SHE’S GOT IT!!!!  If she hadn’t had the UTI, I think it might have taken three or four days.  Ah well.  I cleaned my house today, Emmy’s happy and healthy and even woke up dry this morning!  Life is good and back to normal.