Saturday with Dad

Saturday morning, after almost two weeks of being stuck in the house with unsuccessful potty training and having a very sick little girl, I was wiped out and very grumpy.   Josh saved the day, for everyone in our house, by insisting that I go take a nap while he and the kids went on an adventure.  THAT sounded fun and I really wanted to go, but recognized my desperate need for sleep.

While I was snoozing, those guys went all over the place!  Josh took them to Dakota’s where they fed her HUGE pigs and tiny goats.  They went to a park to play.  Then they went to another park to feed the ducks and played at ANOTHER playground.  AND THEEEEEN Josh took them to McDonald’s.

Josh is the best.  I woke up much happier, I cleaned the house a TINY bit, and then wandered around not knowing what to do with myself.