May 2010

Preschool Graduation

Yesterday was the last day of preschool for Ashton (until next year when he gets to go to preschool for one more year).  Last night they had their graduation program.  OH HOW WILL WE LIVE WITHOUT PRESCHOOL ALL SUMMER!?!?!?!  I LOVE PRESCHOOL!!!!!  Miss Courtney is THE best and Ashton had so much fun and learned so much!

(This is all three of the classes, not all were in Ash’s class)

The program was short and sweet, unlike ALL other HORRIBLY boring graduation ceremonies I have been to.  I guess I have the attention span of a 4 year-old.  They did the Pledge of Allegiance (I LOOOOVE that Ashton knows it) and then they sang some cute songs.  Emmy was very supportive.  She stood the whole time and clapped vigorously after each song.

Here is my sweet little Ashton receiving his diploma…I just keep thinking of “The Incredibles” when Bob freaks out about having to go to Dash’s, what was it, his elementary school graduation or something.  He yells, “They keep creating ways to celebrate mediocrity!”  Yeah, preschool’s no big deal, but it’s freaking CUTE!!!

Swimming Lessons Part 2

Ashton and Emmy had their last swimming lesson on Saturday.  Ashton might have improved a tiny bit.  He isn’t afraid to do back floats, but that’s about all I can see as progress.  Oh well.  They got to play a little bit on the last day….

Here is Ashton with his Report Card

As you can see, he “learned” all the skills they taught (I’m a little skeptical)

Emmy was so excited to get her own Report Card

It was pretty accurate

Sadly, besides Nursery, Emmy failed the first class she has ever been in…

They were both very proud of each other, or maybe they were just so happy that swimming lessons are over

Pirate Island

We promised Ashton and Emmy that we would take them to Pirate Island when Emmy was totally potty trained.  Welp, Ashton reminded us yesterday of our little deal and we were more than happy to go since we had no idea what to make for dinner.

The kids had a blast.  Their favorite game to play was Skee Ball (sp???).  Even though it was a miniature version, the lane height still made it impossible for a smooth roll of the ball.  I wonder how many kids have been hit in the head with those very hard balls.

Mother’s Day

Josh had Sunday morning “off” and didn’t have to go to any meetings, so I got to sleep in on Mother’s Day.  Sooooo nice.  (Though I kept having dreams that I was awake getting the kids ready for church, so it KIND OF didn’t feel like I slept in.)

This is the cuteness I woke up to….

Josh making THE MOST delicious pancakes…

and these little guys drawing pictures for me.  (Ashton set the table all by himself.  What a cutie!)

Swimming Lessons

Every Saturday morning for the past month, we have taken Ashton and Emmy to swimming lessons at the Provo Rec Center.  Ashton hasn’t been loving it but he’ll get in and do what he’s supposed to….

Here he is learning how to do a backfloat.

Here is Emmy’s class….and Emmy NOT participating….

The first day of swimming traumatized her and she hasn’t been in the water since.  Oh well.  She’s still cute and Josh did get to read a tiny bit….