Arigato, Miss Brittany!

My sister’s best friend, Brittany, has been teaching EngRish in Japan for the past year.  Every once in a while, Brittany will send Cari a box full of candy.  Cari is VERY generous and shares her treasures with anyone who is brave enough to try them (I am not one of them).  These treats have provided many nights of Fear Factor-type entertainment and hilarity.  Here are just a few pictures….

That’s right…EVERY BURGER CANDY.  They LOOKED cute….

What did they taste like, you might wonder?  I have no idea, but Cari could tell you…

Here are some tiny ice cream cones.  Also very cute.  Japan KNOWS how to make things cute, that’s for sure.

And who would have thought to make candy that looks like TREE STUMPS?  Once again, very cute.  I did try a tree stump and it was actually yummy!