Confession is Good for the Soul

I wasn’t planning on telling anyone this horribly embarrassing story but since Emmy already let the cat out of the bag, here it goes.

confession is good for the soul

As I have mentioned before – 4 days into Emmy’s 3-day potty training we were nowhere near the potty training finish line. I had a doctors appointment that I could not cance, so I ventured out WITH Emmy in tow. She hadn’t gone to the bathroom all morning and by 11 AM I was WAAAAY stressed out about her having an accident. In the waiting room she had been doing a potty dance for about 10 minutes but would not go.

Welp, they called me in from the waiting room to WAIT SOME MORE in the examination room (I’m not complaining, it’s way better than socialized medicine or anything that is already lined up for us, whatever it is). I’m just saying, we were farther from the restroom and I really had no idea how long we’d be sitting there in the tiny room waiting to see the doc.

After who-knows-how-long, Emmy jumped off her chair and said “I have to go potty!”

Normally I am lousy under pressure – I just freeze, my legs go numb and I hope the situation takes care of itself. But not this time! This time I was Super Mom! One of those perfect moms that they tell soul crushing stories about on the second Sunday in May. Like a flash I pulled off her pants and lifted her as if she was as light as a two year old. Then plopped her chubby little bum right down in…that’s right…the tiny sink used only for washing hands before procedures that must be completely sterile. As soon as she was adequately positioned, it all came flowing out. Holy crud! I was sooooo grateful for that sink! What else could I have done!?!?!?! Please tell me if there was any other option because I do realize how disgusting it was. I washed my hands (yes in the same sink) and was drying them just as the doctor walked in. PHEW!!!! The only horrible, awkward thing is that Emmy had that UTI (I was unaware of it at the time) and her pee left a very pungent odor in the air which I am sure was lingering when he came in. Josh says it smelled like she had just eaten tons of bad asparagus.

Later as I recounted my adventure to Josh, I felt so awesome! Not a drop of pee got on the floor and I was just calmly washing my hands like I owned the place when the doctor came walking in. I totally got away with it and nobody would ever know.

So I went back on Thursday for my monthly check-up (pregnancy). It had been a whole month since the incident and I wasn’t even thinking about it. As the doctor was the leaving the room, Emmy very proudly said,”I WENT POTTY IN…YOUR SINK!” DOH!!! Before I could even say anything, the doctor said,”Well, that’s a good place to go” and left the room (I’m sure he was rolling his eyes in disgust). OH MY GOODNESS. I am sooooo embarrassed!!!!