Fathers and Sons Camp Out

Josh took Ashton to the Fathers and Sons Camp Out last weekend, MINUS the camping this time.  They went up, hung out for dinner, S’mores and, I’m sure, some good stories and farting around the campfire, then came home.

This looks so yummy to me….Josh and Mark Jarman made Peach Cobbler in a dutch oven.  Josh just confirmed that it was delicious.

Roasting marshmallows….

I dressed Ashton in the same BRIGHT ORANGE hoodie last year for the camp out, to make sure he was easily seen by his dad. 🙂  Next year I will have to find a glow-in-the-dark hoodie.  Ashton was playing with his friends all night, climbing on rocks, throwing rocks in the river, playing on the playground, having a blast.  At 10PM he went up to Josh and told him he wanted to go home.  So Josh started packing everything up and when he was ready to go to the car, Ashton was gone.  He thought he must have gone back to play with his friends so he took the stuff to the car.  After loading the car, he went to the kids and asked if they had seen Ashton.  They hadn’t.  Josh checked EVERYWHERE.  He went to the playground, to the river (oh yes, I was freaking out when Josh told me this story), and checked in EVERY tent.  It had been about 15 minutes since Josh started searching and he says that he was 2 seconds away from full-on panicking and organizing a search party.  He decided to check the car one more time.  Welp, our perfect little boy was sitting in his car seat, all buckled up, just waiting and waiting.  He was even in there before Josh got to the car the first time.  PHEW!!!!