Pardon Our Dust

Josh and I finally decided to DO something with our bedroom, the last room of the house that had not been touched by paint or decor.  Josh had this vision brewing in his mind for a couple years but it just wasn’t a priority.  For the past six months, we had been furniture-sitting my brother’s bedroom set.  When he sold it and our room returned to its original state, the plainness and ghetto-ness was shocking and that was what made Josh’s vision a reality.  So for the first two weeks of February, our room was declared a national disaster area.

Ashton was such a great helper….

Yes, that Woody costume is permanently splattered, even though he was always so careful.  What a cutie.

Ashton loves helping his dad with any kind of manly chore.

Josh had to work all day, of course, so when he finally got a chance to work on the room, it was usually 8 or 9 PM!  We were drilling, sawing, hammering and using a nail gun until midnight or even later sometimes.  We are THE WORST neighbors.  Here is our measly peace offering and petition for forgiveness….

And here is our finished bedroom.  I LOVE IT!  We still need furniture and pictures, but it is a billion times better than it was!!!!