Crested Butte, CO – Anders’ Baptism

This last weekend we took a quick trip to Crested Butte, Colorado to visit my sister Angie and attend her son, Anders’ baptism.  Angie is the only Stewart sibling not living in Utah…Angie, you rebel!  I don’t know how she lives so far away from CIVILIZATION…though it is gorgeous and peaceful.

Ashton and Emmy had so much fun with Angie’s kids.  The first day, we hung out at Angie’s, talked, laughed and had a birthday party for Anders (and Angie…They have the same birthday but Ang, of course, allows Anders have all the attention).  She made a ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME cake which is just totally ANGIE and CREATIVE.  It was Angie’s 33rd birthday and if you flip the first three over and you get an 8 (Ander’s 8th birthday)!  GENIUS.

The Birthday Kids

Grandpa and Emmy eating cake

Emmy getting kisses from Grammy

Ashton was playing Star Wars with Anders the WHOLE time.

At the hotel.  Emmy is too big to sleep in the portable crib these days!  Crazy!  She was excited to sleep in the big bed.  Ashton was more excited to sleep in a sleeping bag on the floor which is where he ended up.

The next day we met everyone at a vacation house Shawn rented for the fam.  The kids had a blast.  There was a cool little loft to play in…

Lots of places for the adults to talk, but the staircase was quite comfy

Ang and Shawn (and Cari) made breakfast for all of us

SOME of the kids eating

Aaaand the adult session of breakfast

I wondered why all the kids were so quiet and we were enjoying such peace…They were all in the living room watching Mufasa get trampled by wildebeests (and apparently that IS how you spell wildebeest…weird).  They were all in shock..I wanted to put that scene on repeat for a few hours.

Josh actually missed out on all of the morning festivities.  We left him at the hotel working on his talk for the next day.  We picked him up and had a little picnic on the church lawn while we waited for everyone to get there. Isn’t Josh cute???

Anders’ baptism was fabulous.  I am always excited for Ashton to witness such events.  He came away from the font and said “Mom, that was AWESOME!”  At the pool this week, he showed me how to baptize him.  Cute.