Memorial Day

What a gorgeous, fun Memorial Day we had!  The kids played with their friends all morning, then we decided to go to the pool.  We were going to go on Friday AND Saturday but both of those days were freezing.  Here are my transparently white children….

That’s Westin in the background doing a back float.  He is fearless!

Emmy just liked to lay in the water.  She kept saying “This is so comfy!”

Cari and Linz

Then we went to Jessi’s for a BBQ.  The kids had a blast playing with their cousins.

Cari giving Josh some pointers..

Emmy LOVES Lucy

Emmy played with Lucy almost the whole time we were there.  It’s crazy how much she loves dogs.  Lucy is so huge, it would be like me playing with a grizzly bear but not as dangerous. 🙂

Everyone was at Jessi’s except for Mom, Dad, and Angie’s fam.  We missed you guys!

What a long, happy day for my two sweeties.  Here they are 5 minutes into the car ride home.

I am soooooo happy summer is here!