Swimmin’ in the Rain, Just Swimmin’ in the Rain…

We spent all of yesterday’s perfectly gorgeous hot and sunny afternoon running errands and going to my baby check-up appt.  Every time we got into the car, Ashton would say, “Mom, it is soooo hot!  We should go swimming!”  So I PROMISED him that we would go today.  Welp, wouldn’t you know it, the skies were cloudy and the wind was a’blowin’ all morning, though it was still hot and sunny every once in a while.

Josh and I always make sure we do whatever we say we will do, especially pertaining to our kiddos.  So after lunch we went swimming.  I thought we’d drive there, have it start raining and then just come home but hey, what else would we do all afternoon???

Even though we had more clouds than sun, it was still warm and we played for two hours!  We left just as the last sunshine of the day was swallowed up by storm clouds.

Cute boy with clouds looming in the distance…that hair needs Kassy baaaaad!

The very sad thing is that this was the second time we’ve been to the pool this year!!!  I was SUPPOSED to be spending EVERYDAY at the pool until this baby comes.  Grrrrrr.