My sweet, beautiful, way funny cousin, Diana, got married this past weekend in Las Vegas.  Thanks to AWESOME Nick and Nicole, we were able to leave our kids for the weekend and party with MOST of my siblings who also were childless for a couple days.

My family went to the Las Vegas Temple open house before it was dedicated in 1985.  I was 9 and it was the first temple I had ever been through and I KNEW I would get married there.  It is still very beautiful inside.

After the sealing, we went back to the hotel in time to watch the Belmont Stakes (and perhaps place a few tiny bets).  It was WAAAAAY fun.  The casino got really crowded and everyone was going nuts for about 30 seconds.  My life lesson from this experience: Go with your first impression, NOT the popular, safe choice!!!!  Oh my goodness!  DROSSELMEYER!  DROSSELMEYER!!!!

Then we went to GameWorks

Josh won the maximum amount on Deal or no Deal so Jess was determined to win.  She decided to follow Josh’s advice and here’s what happened….

Sooooo funny!  I LOVE IT!

Later we went to Di’s reception.  It was gorgeous and SHE was gorgeous.  It was such a great night!

After Diana and Stephen had their first dance, all the couples were invited to join them.  I was so excited to dance with Josh and when I turned to find him, he was gone.  At first I was annoyed and kind of mad!  Then I found him on the dance floor already, dancing with my sweet, SWEET Grandma.  Her wedding anniversary happened to be on this very day.  My Grandpa passed away two years ago. So you see why tears were immediately burning my eyes and I was sooooo grateful for such a thoughtful, sweet husband.  Josh and my Grandma Harris ADORE each other.  This was probably the highlight of my whole weekend.