Wii Karaoke

For my birthday, Ashton insisted that he needed to go to Best Buy to find me a present.  While Josh was returning something at the customer service counter, Ashton was doing his own shopping.  By the time Josh finished at customer service  Ashton was on his way to checkout with gift in hand and a very helpful and impressed employee in tow.  Ashton was holding a box for Wii Karaoke.  Apparently he had walked right up to the worker and explained how he wanted to get a game for the Wii for his Mom. So the employee showed him where the Wii games were located.  Ashton knew just what he wanted and walked right over to the Karaoke game, announced that it was perfect and they were heading to the front of the store.

So the other night, Josh and the kids busted it out.  It was way cute….

Emmy sang all of her Nursery songs

Josh rocked as only Josh can

Emmy responded in the only way anyone else would 🙂

Here is Emmy singing.  She LOVES to sing