Ashton’s Soundtrack

No matter what Ashton is doing, he is humming a song.  If he is playing with his toys, his humming is mingled with sound effects.  If he’s dressed up and running around as a superhero, there is DEFINITELY a song being hummed.  On his bike…humming.  Walking around the house bored..humming.  It’s so cute, I love it.

Ashton LOVES to color and draw.  If he isn’t playing the Wii or with his friends, he’s up in the kitchen drawing.  And I STILL don’t know if he’s right-handed or left-handed.  He usually has a different color in each hand and will alternate hands depending on which color he wants to use.  It’s WILD.  Anyhoo, I can ALWAYS tell what he is drawing by the song he is humming.  For instance, he’s sitting right here next to me drawing as I blog and he is humming the very intense Danny Elfman “Batman” Movie theme song as he draws Batman.

Joker: He’ll hum the circus song from “Batman”

Superman: John Williams’ Superman Theme

Star Wars: There are MANY Star Wars songs depending on the character or the scene he’s drawing

Darth Vadar: Imperial March

Princess Leia: Normal Star Wars song

Ewoks: Yes, the Ewoks have their own little theme song and he knows it

Spiderman: Spiderman theme

Most of the songs are by John Williams.  Of course, I love John Williams, but have you ever tried to hum Star Wars without it turning into Superman or Jurassic Park or Indiana Jones???  It’s really hard.  Well, Ashton can distinguish between all of the songs within the first couple notes.  It’s amazing.

PS: I was wondering last summer if only little boys love to pick flowers for their moms.  Well, that little glass is full of flowers Emmy picked for me.  They BOTH love to bring me flowers accompanied by kisses and hugs.  Am I lucky or what?!?!? I LOOOOVE IT!