Children’s Parade

Ashton and Emmy were in the Fiesta Days Children’s Parade for the Primary Activity on Saturday.  Ashton didn’t even want to go and Emmy wasn’t really old enough to be there, but they ended up having such a fabulous time.  I was PLANNING on riding in the trailer with Emmy and Ashton, taking it easy, but Ashton decided he wanted to ride his bike since his pal, Mac, was riding his.  So I walked along with the adults to make sure Ashton was staying with our group.

Emmy had a blast waving at everyone and throwing candy with Druw

Emmy taking her float-riding responsibilities seriously…

After the parade, there was a big party at the library park for the kids.  Here is Steph keeping the kids busy with Duck Duck Goose until all the parents came.  She and the Primary Presidency did such a great job with this activity.  It was a scary undertaking, if you ask me.

Ashton in line with some of his cousins for the bounce slide thing